4.1401 Finding and purpose.

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(a) "Act" means this act plus the federal legislation under which these programs are authorized such as; the 1964 Bill of Rights; Public Law 99-319 Protection and Advocacy for the Mentally Ill Individuals (PAMII); Public Law 95-602 Protection and Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled (PADD); and Public Law 98-516 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Amended 1986, Client Assistance Program (CAP.

(b) "Developmental disability" means a severe, and chronic mental or physical disability that is manifested before age 22, which is likely to continue indefinitely, and will substantially limit three or more of the following areas of major functional activities:

(1) self-care;

(2) language;

(3) learning;

(4) self-direction;

(5) mobility;

(6) capacity for independent living; and

(7) economic self-sufficiency;

(c) "Mentally ill individual" means a person who has significant mental illness or emotional impairment, as determined by a certified mental health professional.

(d) "Client assistance program" means a program that assists the disabled individuals who are either clients or client applicants of the vocational rehabilitation program.

(e) "Service provider" means any agency which provides care, treatment, employment or other necessary services to the disabled.

(f) "Abuse" means any act or failure to act by an employee of a service provider

which causes, or may cause injury to a disabled individual.

(g) "Neglect" means a negligent act or omission by a service provider which causes or may cause injury to a disabled person, or which places a disabled person at risk of injury. It also includes the act or omission such as failure to establish or carry out an appropriate individualized program plan or treatment plan, or adequate care for the disabled.

(h) "Client" means an individual who is receiving services from this program, and who has already been determined to qualify for service from a service provider.

(i) "Client applicant" means an individual who has submitted an application for assistance to a service provider, and is waiting to qualify for such assistance.

History: 1991, PL 22-9.