6.0104 Chief Election Officer-Duties.

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(a) The Chief Election Officer shall administer this title. He shall supervise all elections. He may delegate responsibilities in elections to election officials or to other specified persons.

(b) The Chief Election Officer shall be responsible for the maximization of registration of eligible electors throughout the Territory. In maximizing registration, he shall make an effort to equalize registration between districts, with particular effort in those districts in which he determines registration is lower than desirable. In carrying out this function, he may make surveys, carry on house-to-house canvassing, and assist or direct the clerk in any other area of registration.

(c) The Chief Election Officer shall maintain and keep all records and data concerning registered voters, elections, apportionment and districting. He shall use the data to assist in any reapportionment.

(d) No records of any kind may be removed from the election office without the prior approval of the Chief Election Officer or the Chief Election Officer’s designee.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1; amd 1985, PL 19-31 § 2.

Amendments: 1985 Subsection (c): added and keep all records and”. Subsection (d) Added.