6.0225 Records of proceedings.

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The Board of Registration shall keep books of record in which full and detailed minutes shall be preserved of all its proceedings. The minutes shall be kept from day to day, and shall contain:

(1) the date and place of the meeting;

(2) the names of the members of the Board present;

(3) the name of each person to whom an oath is administered, and, if an examination is held, the names of the witnesses and the substance of the answers of the applicant and of the witnesses;

(4) the name of any person challenging the right of any applicant to register, the grounds of challenge, the name of the person challenged, and the decision rendered thereon; and

(5) all other matters of detail which are likely to have a bearing upon any question concerning the action of the Board or of any person appearing before it.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.