7.1205 Paid holidays.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 7.1205 ]

(a) The public holidays in American Samoa shall be paid holidays for government employees.

(b) If any public holiday is observed by federal employees on a different day from that specified in 1.0501, the day of observance for employees of American Samoa shall conform to that provided for federal employees.

(c) If any government employee is required to work on a public holiday, he shall be given an additional day’s pay in lieu of the holiday.

(d) This section shall apply to all employees of the government, whether or not they are “employees” as defined in subsection (d) of 32.0303.

History: 1968, PL 10-72; 1969. PL 11-53; amd 1977, PL 15-12.

Amendments: 1977 Subsection (c): deleted provision that in the alternative, employee could be given another day off with pay.

Research Guide: For provisions regarding public holidays, see 1.0501.