12.0505 Summary proceedings for obtaining possession.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 12.0505]

(a) If an occupant of government housing refuses to leave the premises within thirty days as specified in section 12.0504, the Office of the Attorney General may file in the district court a petition for possession of premises and set a hearing date within fourteen days of filing the petition, provided the respondent occupant is served not less than ten days prior to the hearing date.

(b) After the hearing, the district court may issue an order awarding possession to the government. If the respondent fails to appear at the hearing, an order awarding possession to the government shall be entered against the respondent.

(c) Respondent has 10 days after the order issues to file a motion of appeal, and a motion for stay of judgement which shall be accompanied by a $1,000 surety bond or cash deposit to the court.

History: 1985, PL 19-18 § 1.