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4.1425 Insufficient funds-Suspension- Reinstatement.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 4.1425 ]

(a) Whenever there are insufficient funds available to make the deferral designated in the participation agreement, the deferral shall not be made.

(b) Deferrals shall automatically be suspended if there are insufficient funds available to make the designated deferral for 6 consecutive pay periods.

(c) A participant whose deferrals have been suspended shall file a written req uest with the administrator to have deferrals reinstated on the same terms contained in the participation agreement prior to the suspension. However, if the desired reinstatement is to be on terms other than those contained in the participation agreement, a participant shall file an amended participation agreement, which shall be subject to acceptance by the board.

History: Rule 11-87, eff 17 Jun 87.