5.0105 Budget as a tool.

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(a) As a planning tool, the budget serves the following functions:

(1) To allocate the production and delivery of goods and services between the public and the private sector;

(2) To distribute the limited resources productively and equitably among competing agency and public demands;

(3) To stabilize local fiscal policies aimed at stimulating employment opportunities, industrial production, equitable interest rates and a balanced approach towards economic, social and political growth.

(b) As a managerial tool, public managers use the budget document to merge various sectoral plans to form an agency plan of action for the ensuing fiscal year, to control the operating strategies within the approved agency plan, to evaluate agency performance and to monitor agency compliance with the appropriation act as well as other ASG policies and regulations applicable to the budgetary process.

History: Rule 3-83. eff 4 Apr 83, § D.2.