5.0110 Summary-2-Departmental highlight statement.

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(See Figure 1 for sample)

Department Request. A summary statement stating the departmental mission, outcomes expected and total funding request.

Governor's Recommendations. (For budget use only).

Functional Statement. State briefly the functional responsibilities of the department. The most recent information on the ASG reorganization may be used for this purpose or modified to fit the department's needs. Reference to laws, executive orders, policy memorandums or other documents creating the department of office is required. Long-term Goal and Impact on Territorial Goals. State the department's long-term goal and identify specifically (in quantifiable terms if necessary) the contribution by the department towards the attainment of territorial goals contained in the economic development plan or other relevant plans.

Budget Year Objectives. State clearly and concisely the departmental objectives you intend to accomplish in the fiscal year.

Projected Accomplishments for this Activity. If measures of outcomes or effectiveness (such as reduced accident rates, higher test scores, etc.) are not available, substitute workload measures. Do not use dollar figures unless you are measuring average cost of production per unit or other performance measures requiring dollars.

History: Rule 3-83. eff 4 Apr 83. § E.4 (part).