11.0117 Time allowed for review – Submissions near funding deadlines.

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(a) The ASHPDA will be allowed at least 60 days from the date of notification of the beginning of a review to complete its review of any proposal or application. The ASHPDA will complete its review in 60 days or less unless the appropriate federal funding agency or territorial program agency specifies in writing a longer period with respect to a particular program or project.

(b) Where a proposed use of federal funds is submitted to the ASHPDA for review less than 120 days prior to the end of the period of availability of the funds involved, the federal funding agency, at its option, after consultation with the ASHPDA and following its determination that the application could not reasonably have been submitted to the ASHPDA at least 120 days prior to the end of the period of availability of funds, make the grant, loan, or loan guarantee or award the contract so as to preserve the availability of the funds. However, in such cases, no federal funds may be expended until:

(1) the ASHPDA has approved the application; or

(2) the ASHPDA has notified the funding agency that it will not disapprove the application; or

(3) the period for ASHPDA review has passed without the ASHPDA having notified the funding agency of its disapproval; or

(4) the Secretary has determined, notwithstanding the ASHPDA’s disapproval, to make such funds available.

History: Rule 9-80, eff 18 Jun 80, ASHPDA Pro, and Crit. § 2(B) (1).