11.0262 Determination criteria-New facilities for new services.

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Criteria for determining need for new health care facilities to house new services :

(1) Service Need.The service to be housed by the facility has been determined to be needed according to 11.0261;

(2) Plan Conformance. Conformance of the proposed facility with the Territorial Medical Facilities Plan;

(3) Alternatives. Availability of alternative facilities;

(4) Location. Appropriateness of the proposed facility location;

(5) Long-term Funding. Ability to fund developmental, operational, and maintenance costs over the projected useful life of the proposed facility;

(6) Utilization Effects. Effect on utilization of existing facilities and patterns of service;

(7) Utilities and Energy Use. Assurance of adequate utility supply and consideration of the costs and method of energy provision and impact on energy consumption;

(8) Costs, Construction Methods, and Cost Impact. The costs and construction methods of the proposed facility and the probable impact of the project on the costs of providing health services by the organization proposing such project;

(9) Adequacy of Resources for Use. The proposed facility can be adequately staffed, equipped, and operated when completed;

(10) Cost Containment and Quality Improvement. The proposed facility will foster cost containment or improved quality of care through improved efficiency and productivity, including promotion of cost-effective factors such as ambulatory care or design and construction economies.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 26.4 (2).