11.0440 Conduct of LBJ-ASMCA Employees.

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A. It is the policy of LBJ-ASMC to urge its career service employees and contract specialists to cultivate those personal qualities which characterize a good employee’s loyalty to the American Samoa Government and the LBJ-American Samoa Medical Center Authority; a sense of responsibility for the public trust, and a standard of personal deportment which is a credit to the individual himself and to LBJ-ASMCA. Off-the-job conduct is of concern to LBJ-ASMCA if it reflects adversely upon the dignity, integrity and prestige of LBJ-ASMCA service.

B. Misconduct – Any criminal, dishonest, immoral or any other conduct on the part of an employee which would adversely affect LBJ-American Samoa Medical Center Authority. Gambling or the use of alcoholic beverages by employees in public buildings, construction sites or offices administered by LBJ-ASMCA will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be taken for the breach of this section.

C. Subordination to Authority – An employee is required to carry out the announced policies and programs of LBJ-ASMCA. While policies related to the employee’s work are under consideration, the individual may and is expected to express their opinions and points of view; but, once a decision has been rendered by those in authority, the employee will be expected unreservedly to assure the success of programs which it is the responsibility to effectuate. If the employee’s performance, the employee is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

D. Selling or Soliciting – Employees and other persons are prohibited from selling or soliciting for personal gain within an LBJ-ASMCA without proper permission. This prohibition does not apply to:

?. authorized and installed business activities, e.g., employee cafeterias, etc.

?. Solicitation for other approved purposes and:

?. 3. Token solicitations for floral remembrances, retirement gifts and for similar purposes.

E. Outside Business Activity – An employee shall not engage in any business activity, either in the capacity of employee or otherwise which contravenes the American Samoa Medical Center Authority regulations of conflict of interest or is inconsistent with LBJ-ASMCA policies concerning outside employment as separately treated in (Section 5.1U).

F. Community and Professional Activities – Employees are encouraged to encouraged to participate in activities of professional societies and of civic organizations whose purpose and objectives are not inconsistent with those of the American Samoa Medical Center Authority.

G. LBJ-ASMCA Property – Employees shall be held accountable for LBJ-ASMCA property and moneys entrusted to their official duties. It is their responsibility to protect and safeguard LBJ-ASMCA property and to use them economically and for official purposes only.

H. Gifts – An employee shall not accept from or bestow upon any person or organization with which deals officially anything of economic value, such as a gift, loan or gratuitous service. No employee shall solicit or make a contribution for a gift for a superior officials, except as specifically authorized by law or as cited under (Section C. (3)). Except as specifically authorized by law, employees are not authorized to accept from private sources on behalf of the American Samoa Government or of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority voluntary donations or cash contributions for travel expenses or the furnishing of services in kind, such as hotel accommodations, meals and travel accommodations.

I. Information – It is the policy of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority to accord the public free access to information about its activities. Guidelines for release of information may be obtained from the Attorney General’s Office. Employees should confine statements made in their official capacity to factual matters and statements on policies and programs should be limited to those policies and programs already on record. If an employee is requested to give information outside the scope of authority, the employee should refer the request through the immediate supervisor or to the Chief Executive Officer.

J. Equal Government Employment Opportunity Policy – All personnel actions taken regarding career service and contract specialist employees shall be based solely on merit and fitness, and entirely without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age and physical disability. However, where positions can be filled locally, preference will be given to permanent residents of American Samoa. Any regulation or order of conflict with this Section is hereby rescinded.

K. An employee may not knowingly advocate the overthrow of our constitutional for of government through membership in any organization which asserts the right to strike against the American Samoa Government, or the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority.

L. Political Affiliation – No person in the Executive Branch with authority to take or recommend a personnel action relative to a person in, or an eligible applicant for, a position in LBJ-ASMCA service, may make inquiry concerning the employee’s political affiliation, all disclosures concerning political affiliation shall be ignored, except membership in political parties or organizations constituted by law as a disqualification for LBJ-ASMCA employment.

M. Political Activity – It shall be unlawful for an employee of the LBJ-American Samoa Medical Center Authority to actively participate in the management of a political campaign, unless such employee is a candidate and has taken a leave of absence from LBJ-ASMCA employment for the purpose of conducting the campaign.

1. Section 1411 of the Code permits: “…leave without pay shall be freely granted to any LBJ-ASMCA employee for the purpose of campaigning as a candidate for public office in American Samoa for a period beginning 30 days before and ending 10 days after the date set for election.

2. The employee must take leave of absence prior to taking any active part in the management of a campaign.

3. The U.S. Civil Service Commission has ruled that the phrase, “active part in political management” includes not only candidacy, but also political activity prior to the announcement of actual candidacy, and the ruling services as a guide to the interpretation of the essentially identical phase in Section 1511 of the Code.

4. Thus, it is the opinion of the Attorney General’s Office that an employee of LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority must take a leave of absence upon announcement of candidacy for, or filing as a candidate for political office. The employee must take a leave of absence prior to such announcement or filing if intends to enter into political activity prior to such announcement or filing.

5. The leave of absence may be taken as accrued annual leave, leave without pay or a combination of the two. In the event the employee does not desire to take annual leave, LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority in accordance with the Code is obligated to freely grant leave without pay to a candidate for the period of 30 days prior to, and 10 days after election. Leave without pay for longer period may be granted at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer, according to the needs and convenience of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority.

6. Under no circumstance may an employee participate in their campaign, or direct or encourage others to do so, until the employee has actually begun the leave period.

7. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the word “employee” as used in the Code for this purpose refers to all persons employed by the American Samoa Government and the LBJ-American Samoa Medical Center Authority and not confined to members of the career service. Though the section now appears under “career service (Title 3) in the 1973 compilation of the Code, it was not originally enacted as part of the career service and there was not intent on the part of the Legislature to restrict the application of the statute to career service employees. An attempt to confine the meaning of the word employee to “career service” would render the standards of campaign conduct unenforceable as to an important segment of LBJ-ASMCA employees, as “career service” is much narrower in meaning than “employee”.

8. “The career service shall include all employees of ASG and LBJ-ASMCA except contract Federal employees, district, county and village officials, members and employees of the Legislature and Judges”. (Section 1203 of the Code).

9. The broader use of the word employee not only carries out the clear intent of Legislature, but it is in keeping with U.S. Civil Service commission decisions.

*10. Act interdicts partisan political activity and covers all Federal officers and employees whether in the classified civil service or not.

*11. The penalty (Section 1511 of the Code) contained in – Section (1) indicates the legislative intent to include both officers and employees within the purview of the political activities control law.

N. Any officer or employee of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Centers Authority who violates this section shall be subject to severe disciplinary action up to including termination.

O. Employee involvement in the campaign of others – The Code absolutely prohibits an employee of the American Samoa Government or the LBJ American Samoa Medical Centers Authority from actively participating in the management of the campaign of another.

P. In keeping with the Code of American Samoa, as LBJ-ASMCA employee who is

NOT a candidate for Office. MAY

• Register and vote in any election

• Express his/her opinion as an individual both privately and publicly on political subjects and candidates

• Display a political picture, sticker, badge or button

• Attend a party, rally, fund-raising function or other gathering on behalf of a candidate

• Sign a political petition as individual

• Make a financial contribution to a political organization or candidate

• Participate in parades and rallies for a candidate as an individual MAY NOT

• Serve as an officer or member of a committee, organization or club for the election a candidate

• Be involved in organizing election activities for a candidate or employee’s supporters.

• Directly or indirectly solicit, receive, handle, disburse of account for assessments, contributions or other funds for a candidate.

• Organize, sell tickets, promote or actively participate in a fund-raising activity for a candidate.

• Participate in the organization of any activity designed to solicit votes in support of any candidate.

• The prohibition contained in the foregoing apply whether the employee is on annual leave or leave-without-pay.

• It is impossible to anticipate all circumstances that may arise in the course of an election, and the situations cited above are designed to serve as examples.

• Questions as to specific situations not covered by the above should be directed to the Attorney General’s Office.

• Budget Estimates and Legislation – LBJ-ASMCA Employees are required to refrain from promoting legislation relating to programs of LBJ-ASMCA which do not have the official sanction of the proper LBJ-ASMCA authority. It should be clearly understood, however, that nothing in this policy is to be considered as restraining or interfering with the obligation of employees to respond freely and candidly to any inquiries made of them in regard to appropriations or related matters of the Legislature of American Samoa.

• Financial Responsibility – Employees of LBJ-ASMCA are expected to satisfy their financial commitments. Failure to meet one’s obligations reflects adversely on one’s standing as an LBJ-ASMCA employee.

• Contracts with Employees – Because contracts with its own employees are considered to be against public policy such contracts are not permitted in LBJ¬ASMCA, except where it is clearly shown that the interests of LBJ-ASMCA are

major consideration to be served thereby. The only announced exception to this policy concerns sales of certain types of surplus property to employees under competitive conditions as set for by regulations promulgated by the LBJ-American Samoa Medical Centers Authority.

G. Financial Interests – LBJ-ASMCA Employees may not have direct or indirect financial interests that conflict substantially, or appear to conflict substantially with their responsibilities and duties as employees nor engage in, directly or indirectly financial transactions as a result of, or primarily relaying upon, information obtained through their employment. Aside from these restrictions, LBJ-ASMCA employees are free to engage in lawful financial transactions to the same extent as private citizens.

H. Outside Work – Outside work is permitted to the extent that it does not prevent an employee from devoting his primary interests. Talents, and energies to the accomplishment of the work LBJ-ASMCA or tend to create a conflict between the private interests of an employee and official responsibilities.

I. Outside work shall not interfere with the performance of, or impair the ability of the employee to satisfactorily perform the employee’s official duties. Among other things, abuse of leave privileges to engage in outside work shall be treated as an interference with official performance of the employee’s duties and will not be tolerated by LBJ-ASMCA.

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.