11.0442 Voluntary Separation.

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A. Resignation – An employee has the right to resign at any time the employee wishes to do so but is expected to afford management a reasonable period of advance notice, which generally is considered to be two weeks. All resignations must be in writing. A request for Personnel Payroll shall be prepared and other appropriate forms shall be completed as directed by Human Resources Manager in order to effect the resignation. In all cases, a copy of the written resignation must accompany the Notice of Official Personnel Action (LBJ-ASMCA Form 303).

B. Resignation in Lieu of Separation for Cause – As indicated in (Section 6.2 A.), an employee may resign at any time; this includes voluntary separation in lieu of removal or while issuance of charges leading to removal is pending. In such instances, operating officials must indicate the abnormal nature of the resignation on the Notice of Official Personnel Action (LBJ-ASMCA Form 303);

C. Withdrawal or Resignation – Once submitted, an employee may withdraw his resignation only at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.

D. Rehire – An employee who resigns is eligible for reinstatement at any time if individual has completed the probationary period. If the individual has not completed the probationary period or if, within the five years preceding the date of their current application the individual resigned from the American Samoa Medical Center Authority in lieu of removal, the individual must re-compete through regular competitive procedures.

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.