11.0444 Demotion.

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Any personnel action resulting in the reduction in compensation or grade of an employee constitutes a demotion.

A. Voluntary Demotion – In order for a demotion to be voluntary, it must be requested in writing by the employee concerned without promoting or coercion. Such requests shall be directed to the Human Resources Division together with a request for a Notice of Official Personnel Action (LBJ-ASMCA Form 303).

B. Involuntary Demotion

1. Disciplinary.

a. Permanent Employees – Such actions are subject to the provisions of (Section 6.3 C. (1)).

b. Temporary and Probationary Employees – Such employees may be demoted without notice or appeal rights except in cases of alleged discriminations.

C. Reclassification Downward – All employees whose positions are reclassified downward shall receive 30 days advance written notice of such action which shall also advise them of their right of appeal in accordance with the provision of (Chapter 3) of this Manual. Final processing shall be effected in accordance with instructions applying within the Human Resources Division only, including issuance of a Notice of Official Personnel Action (LBJ-ASMCA Form 303).

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.