11.0454 Reduction in Force.

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A.The LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority, to be consistent with efficient work practices, and in recognition of the importance of the individual employee and the desirability of prompt consideration and disposition of problems affecting the employee’s work environment, has established a procedure for the equitable handling of employee grievances.

1. Career service employees and contract specialists covered by these procedures shall have freedom to seek a solution of grievances without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

2. Career service employees and contract specialists must follow normal channels in presenting their grievances. The normal channels include:

a. Informal Grievance Procedures which shall be as simple as possible and encourage settlement of matters at the lowest possible administrative level within the employee’s division.

b. Each employee is expected to make a maximum effort to achieve information settlement of their grievance. The employee should bring the matter to the attention of management promptly and proceed with dispatch.

c. An employee may present a grievance concerning a continuing a practice or condition at any time. Employee must present grievance concerning a particular act or occurrence on the same date the employee became aware of the act or occurrence. The Chief Executive Officer may extend the time of one day if the employee gives a good reason for not presenting his grievance within that time limit.

B.Grievance Committee. A permanent, ad hoc grievance committee of four members shall be appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, only three of which shall conduct hearings at any one time. No person shall serve on a committee who is employed in the same division as the employee. The Chief Executive Officer shall designate which member shall act as chairman at each hearing.

1. The committee shall prepare written report of its findings to the employee and the employee’s supervisor within ten calendar days. Decisions of the committee shall be advisory.

2. An employee shall have the right to be accompanied, represented and advised by a representative of their own choosing in presenting the grievance.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999