11.0517 Collection of Samples – Privacy.

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Procedures for providing urine specimens must allow Employee privacy, unless there is reason to believe that a particular Employee may alter or substitute the specimen to be provided. LBJ shall utilize a chain of custody procedure for maintaining control and accountability from point of collection to final disposition of specimens, and testing laboratories shall use appropriate cutoff levels in screening specimens to determine whether they are negative or positive for a specific drug, consistent with 49 CFR §40 et. seq. If there is not a sufficient amount of urine, additional urine will be collected in a separate container. The Employee may be given reasonable amounts of liquid and a reasonable amount of time in which to provide the specimen required. The Employee and the Collection Site Person must keep the specimen in view at all times. When collection is complete, the partial specimens will be combined in a single container. In the event that the Employee fails to provide a sufficient amount of urine, the amount collected will be noted and documented. In this case, the Collection Site Person will consult with the employee’s supervisor to determine the next appropriate action. This may include deciding to reschedule the Employee for testing, to return the Employee to his or her work site and initiate disciplinary action, or both.

C. The following constitute a refusal to test:

1. Refusal to take a test either by statement or action;

2. Refusal to sign appropriate forms as required;

3. Failure to provide adequate breath for alcohol testing without a valid medical explanation;

4. Behavior or conduct that clearly obstructs the testing process, and,

5. Leaving the scene of an accident without a valid reason before the tests have been conducted.

History: Rule 07-98, eff. Feb. 9, 1999.