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12.0207 Liability limits of utility-Three-phase circuit protection.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 12.0207]

(a) Thc utility will endeavor to furnish continuous service but does not guarantee uninterrupted service and is not liable for any damage which the customer may sustain by reason of the failure or partial failure of the power, or failure or reversal of phases, or variation in service characteristics, whether caused by accident, repairs, or other causes; nor is the utility liable for damage that may be incurred by the use of any service wiring, connections, instruments, service or electrical appliances installed by or for the customer; nor is the utility liable for damage that may be incurred due to the presence of the utility’s property on the customer’s premises.

(b) In case the customer requires 3-phase service, the installation and maintenance of adequate starters with circuit breakers to protect against single-phase conditions and phase reversal is advisable and their installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.

History: Rule 4-80, eff 1 Apr 80, Interruption and Liability.