22.0112 Newly purchased vehicles.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 22.0112]

(a) No licensed dealer in American Samoa shall deliver a privately owned motor vehicle to the purchaser unless and until the purchaser provides the dealer or his authorized representative with a certificate of compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance coverage required by 22.2001 through 22.2019 A.S.C.A., and effective through the last day of the same month 1 year after the month in which the insurance coverage is issued.

(b) Upon presentation of the certificate of compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance coverage, the licensed dealer shall cause to be affixed in the rear window of the motor vehicle, preferably in the lower right-hand corner, a temporary license tag on which the dealer has marked in bold numerals the expiration date as the fifth day, excluding Saturday and Sunday

(c) after the date of delivery of the motor vehicle to the purchaser.

(c) The purchaser of the motor vehicle shall have the vehicle inspected, registered, and licensed on or before the expiration date of the temporary license tag in accordance with 22.1002 and 22.1202 A.S.C.A., and Article 1 of this chapter.

History: Rule 12-80, eff 1 Jul 80, § 3.