31.0115 Experience.

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Applicants for contracting licenses must possess the following experience and provide satisfactory proof thereof to the administrator.

(a) Every applicant for a contractor's license or the applicant's responsible managing employee in the care of a general building contractor's license must have had, within the last 10 years immediately preceding the filing of the application, not less than 4 years' experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervising employee, or contractor in the particular class within which the applicant intends to engage as a contractor. Acceptable technical training in an accredited school will be counted as experience for the purposes of this section but in no case will technical training count for more than 3 years' experience. If the applicant designates a responsible managing employee who takes and passes the specific examination in the applicant's stead, such information shall be noticed on the license issued, and all work done by the general contractor shall be done under the direct control and supervision of the responsible managing employee and shall be of the type of work for which such employee was examined in the specific examination.

(b) The required experience for a con tractor's license may be possessed more than 3 separate individuals.

(c) The required experience for a specialty contractor's license shall be possessed by a member of the applicant entity or the responsible managing employee who shall be required to take the specific examination.

(d) Qualification for experience:

(1) If an individual, he may qualify by a personal appearance or by the appearance of his responsible managing employee(s).

(2) If a copartnership, a corporation, or any other combination or organization, it may qualify by the appearance of the responsible managing employee(s) for purposes of taking and passing the specific examination and a member of the applicant entity of such firm for purposes of taking and passing the general examination.

(3) The individual(s) qualifying on behalf of an individual or firm under this section shall allege and prove to the satisfaction of the administrator that he is a bona fide managing member or employee of such individual, copartnership, corporation, or other combination or association, and, at all times when the, principal or employer is actively engaged as a contractor, shall exercise authority in connection with his individual firm, copartnership, corporation, combination, or association or in connection with the employer's contracting business, as the case may be.

(4) The exercise of authority so as to qualify for a license for the firm, copartnership, corporation, combination, or association shall be as, or similar to, the following:

(A) Responsible managing employees: be superintendants of the work and other employees, be responsible for the technical competence of the work, be responsible for integrity of work done in relation to the blueprints, specifications, or other drawings of work;

(B) Member of management qualifying the firm : make administrative decisions, etc.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 2.10. eff 12 Feb 73.