31.0116 Denial of license.

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(a) The administrator shall deny an application for a con tractor's license :

(1) if the applicant fails to make a sufficient application as more fully explained in 31.0 109;

(2) if the applicant fails either the general or specific examination or the person designated as the responsible managing employee fails the specific examination; or

(3) if the applicant or his responsible managing employee has insufficient experience as required by 31.0115; or

(4) if the responsible managing employee or responsible managing member is not a bona fide employee or member;

(5) if the applicant is an ineligible individual as defined by 31.0 110; or

(6) if the applicant provides false or fraudulent information in his application for a license; or

(7) for any other matter deemed sufficient by the administrator considering the Contractors Licensing Law and this chapter; or

(8) for any other reason set out in 31.0131, Suspension or revocation grounds.

Any denial of an application for the above set-out reasons may be appealed to the board for a hearing de novo. Such appeal must be brought within ten days of the notice of denial by the administrator.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Rcg. 2.11. eff 12 Feb 73; and Rule 7-87. eff 18 May 87. § 2.