31.0120 Departure of qualifying individual.

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If the individual qualifying by an examination of his experience and knowledge ceases for any reason whatsoever to be connected with the licensee to whom the license is issued, the licensee shall notify the administrator in writing within 10 days from such cessation, disassociation, or unemployment. If a notice is given within the prescribed time, the license shall remain in force for a length of time to be determined necessary by the administrator for another individual to so qualify.

If the licensee fails to notify the administrator within the 10-day period, at the end of such period his license shall be ipso facto suspended. The license shall be reinstated upon the filing of an affidavit, executed by the licensee or a member of the licentiate firm and filed with the administrator, to the effect that the person originally appearing for examination on behalf of the licensee has been replaced by another individual and that the individual has been qualified by examination and that he can comply with the provisions of this chapter and that he has not been connected with a licensee who has had his license suspended or revoked for reasons that would preclude this individual from personally qualifying as to the good character required of an applicant.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 2.15, eff 12 Feb 73.