31.0131 Revocation, suspension, and renewal of licenses.

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(a) The administrator may revoke any license issued hereunder, or suspend the right of the licensee to use such licenses, or refuse to renew any such license for any of the following causes:

(1) Knowingly contracting beyond the scope of the license or licenses of licensee;

(2) Knowingly entering into a contract with a contractor for work to be performed for which a license is required with a person not duly licensed in the required classification;

(3) Workmanship not meeting minimum standards as set out by the Federal Housing Administration or the U.S. National Board of Fire Underwriters, the department of environmental health, or similar recognized bodies, or the administrator;

(4) Acting in the capacity of a contractor under any license issued in a name other than as set forth upon the license;

(5) The filing of a petition by or against the licensee or adjudication as a bankrupt, for reorganization of or for an arrangement within the meaning of the bankruptcy laws, or the appointment of a receiver or trustee of licensee's property;

(6) Conviction of a felony;

(7) Any dishonest or fraudulent or deceitful act as a contractor which causes a substantial damage to another;

(8) Engaging in any unfair or deceptive act or practice as prohibited by law;

(9) Abandonment of any construction project or operation without reasonable or legal excuse;

(10) Wilful diversion of funds or property received for prosecution or completion of a specific construction project or operation, or for a specified purpose in the prosecution or completion of any construction project or operation, and the use thereof for any other purposes;

(11) Wilful departure from, or wilful disregard of plans or specifications in any material respect without consent of the owner or his duly authorized representative, which is prejudicial to a person entitled to have the construction project or operation completed in accordance with such plans and specifications;

(12) Wilful violation of any law of the territory , or of any political subdivision thereof, relating to building, including any violation of any applicable rule or regulation of the department of health, or of any applicable safety or labor law;

(13) Failure to make and keep records showing all contracts, documents, records, receipts, and disbursements by a licensee of all his transactions as a contractor for a period of not less than three years after completion of any construction project or operation to which the records refer or to permit inspection of such records by the board;

(14) When the license being a copartnership or a joint venture permits any member or employee of such copartnership or joint venture who does not hold a license to have the direct management of the contracting business thereof;

(15) When the licensee being a corporation permits any officer or employee of such corporation who does not hold a license to have the direct management of the contracting business thereof;

(16) Misrepresentation of a material fact by an applicant in obtaining a license;

(17) Failure of a licensee to complete in a material respect any construction project or operation for the agreed price if such failure is without legal excuse;

(18) Wilful failure in any material respect to comply with this chapter or the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto;

(19) Wilful failure or refusal to prosecute a project or operation to completion with reasonable diligence;

(20) Wilful failure to pay when due a debt incurred for services or materials rendered or purchased in connection with his operations as a contractor when he has the ability to pay or when he has received sufficient funds therefor as payment for the particular operation for which the services or materials were rendered or purchased;

(21) The false denial of any debt due or the validity of the claim therefor with intent to secure for licensee, his employer, or other person, any discount of such debt or with intent to hinder, delay, or defraud the person to whom such debt is due;

(22) Failure to secure or maintain workers' compensation insurance;

(23) Knowingly entering into a contract with an unlicensed contractor involving work or activity for the performance of which licensing is required under this chapter.

(b) No license shall be suspended for longer than two years and no person whose license is revoked shall be eligible to apply for a new license until the expiration of two years.

History: Contractors Lil: . Bd. Reg. 4.01. eff 12 Feb 73; andRule 12-84. eff 25 Dec 84. § 2.