31.0156 Painting.

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Painting means to examine surfaces and specify and execute the preliminary and preparatory work necessary to bring such surfaces to a condition where, under an agreed specification, acceptable work can be executed thereon with the use of any or all of the following: paints, pigments, oils, turpentines, japans, driers, thinners, varnishes, shellacs, stains, fillers, waxes, cement, water, plastics, and other vehicles, mediums, and materials that may be mixed, used, and applied to the surfaces of buildings, edifices, structures, monuments, and the appurtenances thereto, of every kind, type, and description in their natural state or condition, or constructed or fabricated of any material or materials whatsoever that can be painted as are by custom and usage accepted in the building and construction industry as painting.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Classification of Contractors' Licenses, eff 12 Feb 73, (part).