31.0204 Application for registration- Qualifications-Certificates.

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(a) An application for registration as a professional surveyor shall be made to the board on the form prescribed by it, with all statements therein made under oath, and shall be accompanied by the application fee fixed by 31.0604 ASCA.

(b) The applicant for full-term registration under these provisions shall be a United States citizen, a United States national, an American Samoan, or a permanent resident as defined by 41.0502 (b) and a) ASCA, or an alien duly authorized residency and employment by the immigration board.

(c) The applicant shall be at least 25 years of age and he shall be thoroughly familiar with the laws, procedures, and rules governing the survey of lands as set forth in this chapter and in the ASCA.

(d) The applicant shall have a background of education and experience which will generate a minimum of 70 points on the following scale:

(1) For each year of surveying experience approved by the board, 10 points;

(2) For each semester-hour credit in surveying or surveying related courses from a technical institute, college, or university, as approved by the board, 3 points;

(3) For the highest degree or diploma approved by the board, points as shown:

(A) High school, 10 points;

(B) Associate, 20 points;

(C) Bachelor, 30 points;

(e) The applicant shall submit the name or names of the registered surveyor or surveyors under whom experience was accumulated.

(f) The names and addresses of at least 3 responsible persons, each of whom has sufficient knowledge of the applicant to enable the person to certify as to the applicant's integrity and moral fitness to become registered, shall be submitted with the application.

(g) The applicant shall state on his application that, should he be registered, he will support the constitutions of the United States of America and American Samoa, and that he will faithfully discharge his duties as a registered professional surveyor .

(h) Examinations for registration shall be held at such times and places within the territory as determined by the board. The examination may be conducted by l or more members of the board or l or more duly authorized representatives of the board.

(i) One division of the examination: shall test the applicant's knowledge of appropriate mathematical and basic surveying subjects. Another division shall test the applicant's ability to apply his knowledge and experience and to assume responsible charge of work in the professional practice of land surveying. Another division shall require oral examination of the applicant's personal qualifications and attitudes with respect to his profession by the board.

(j) An applicant failing an examination may, upon payment of another examination fee, be reexamined.

(k) Any applicant who has passed the examination prescribed by the board shall, upon payment of the registration fee, receive from the board a permanent certificate of registration and a card signifying registration for that calendar year. These shall be signed by the chairman and 1 member of the board and shall signify compliance with this chapter.

(l) The board may, upon application therefor and the payment of the application and registration fees fixed by statute, issue a certificate of registration without examination to any person who holds a valid, unrevoked, and unexpired certificate of registration or license issued to him by any other state or territory of the United States, when the applicant has received the certificate or license by virtue of an examination comparable to that required for registration pursuant to this chapter and when the applicant's qualifications meet the requirements of this chapter.

(m) A duplicate certificate of registration to replace one lost, destroyed, or mutilated may be issued by the board, subject to its rules and the payment of the fee therefor as fixed by statute.

(n) Upon being registered, the professional surveyor shall obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board bearing the registrant's name, certificate number, and the words "Registered Professional Surveyor, American Samoa".

(o) An unrevoked, unsuspended, and unexpired certificate of registration or renewal certificate, issued by the board is presumptive evidence in all courts and all places that the person named is legally registered under this chapter.

(p) A temporary certificate of registration as a professional surveyor may be granted, upon payment of the temporary registration fee fixed by statute, if the applicant complies with each of the following provisions:

(1) He maintains no place of business in this territory;

(2) He is legally and professionally qualified to do land surveying in the state, territory , or country in which he maintains a place of business to do land surveying;

(3) His practice as a professional surveyor in this territory does not require more than 60 calendar days in any 1 calendar year; and;

(4) He notifies the board of his intention to practice, stating the approximate date when he intends to commence and the approximate length of time he expects to continue. The board, after having determined that the applicant is qualified and has complied with the provisions of this chapter, may issue a temporary certificate to practice for a period not to exceed 60 days.

History: Rule 9-76, eff 24 Aug 76, Bd. of Reg. for Prof. Surv. Rules and Regs. § 4.