31.0422 Exemptions.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 31.0422]

The provisions of this chapter prohibiting the practice of a health occupation without a license shall not apply: (1) to an individual who administers treatment or provides advice in any case of emergency(2) to an individual employed in the territory by the U.S. Federal Government, while he or she is acting in the official discharge of the duties of employment,(3) to an individual, licensed to practice a health occupation in a state, territory or country who is called in professional consultation by a health professional licensed in American Samoa by or on behalf of a specific patient, to visit, examine, treat, or advise the specific patient in the territory, or to give a demonstration or clinic in the territory, provided that the individual engaged in the consultation, demonstration, or clinic in performs in affiliation with a comparable health professional licensed pursuant to this rule.

History: Rule 2-88, eff 27 Mar 88, § 1.