31.0427 Scope of license.

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(a) a person licensed under this chapter to practice a health occupation is authorized to practice that occupation in the territory while the license is effective, within the limitations imposed by the board at the time the license is issued; provided that:

(1) a person certified to practice advanced registered nursing is authorized to practice the specialty for which he or she has been certified by the board.

(b) an individual who fails to renew a license to practice a health occupation shall be considered to be unlicensed and subject to the penalties set forth in this rule and other applicable laws of the territory, if he or she continues to practice the health occupation.

(c) the board may issue licenses in four categories:

(1) active license: to be issued to a health professional who is or intends within a short period of time, to be in the active practice of his health profession.

(2) inactive license: to be issued to a health professional who is qualified to be in the active practice of his health profession, but who is unable to pursue his profession in American Samoa at the time of his application. Such licensure will apply but will not be limited to health professionals in the Armed Forces, those residing temporarily outside of American Samoa, individuals temporarily inactive due to personal factors, such as motherhood or election to government position outside the health field. Such licensure shall not exceed a period of 5 years. Granting of an inactive license recognizes an individual’s qualifications for licensure, but does not permit active practice of a health profession in the territory of American Samoa. Such return to active practice will require notification of the board by the licensee, and a request for alteration of the licensure to “active”. At the time of such reapplication it shall be the responsibility of the board to review the applicant’s qualifications and grant or deny licensure. It shall be the prerogative of the board to request additional information as to the applicant’s qualifications and status.

(3) limited license: the board shall have the right to limit the active practice of any health professional seeking licensure in the territory. Such limitations may include but not be limited to: duration of licensure, permission or proscription of any or multiple professional activities, limitations as to types of medications or treatments which may be undertaken, either for a specific time period or an unlimited duration of time; requiring of a health professional that his practice be carried out under supervision, with specifications as to type, intensity, duration of such supervision, together with specifications as to the nature of reports to be made to the board. about the results of the supervision by the named supervisor. The board shall have the right to revoke or terminate licensure of a health professional granted a limited license if the terms of the license are violated by the licensee.

(4) honorary license: may be issued to a health professional who has retired or is retiring from active practice after a minimum of 30 years of active practice, in recognition of service to the community. Such licensee shall not engage in active practice. The duration of a honorary license may be indefinite.

History: Rule 2-88. eff 27 Mar 88. § 1.