42.0118 Release plan-Elements.

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The following elements shall be considered in any release plan, but this enumeration shall not be exclusive to other elements the board deems appropriate:

(a) Date of release ;

(b) Any travel restrictions imposed upon parolee;

(c) Dates the parolee is to report to the parole officer and the supervision and reporting required of such officer;

(d) Designation of any advisor other than the parole officer, who shall be a responsible citizen living in or near the community in which the parolee will reside and be available to the parolee;

(e) Reports required of the parolee relative to his own conduct;

(f) Requirements of the board pertaining to legitimate employment of the parolee;

(g) Assurances of necessary care available to the parolee for medical or other demonstrable problems of any nature requiring special attention;

(h) General restrictions as to the conduct of the parolee; i.e., consumption of alcohol or drugs, future criminal activity;

(i) Deportation from American Samoa and prohibition for reentry; and

(j) Payment of any fine the court may have imposed and/or any restitution of any property damaged or stolen during the commission of a crime.

History: Rule 6-75, eff 14 Jul 75, § 413.