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24.0407 Appendix A-Giant African snail-infested areas.

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Giant African snail-infested areas include all of the central part of the island of Tutuila from Leone Village to the west and Laulii to the east, extending to the north toward the mountains. Heavy concentrations of African snails are found in the. following areas:

1. Auma-Leone;

2. Futiga ASG Dumping Site;

3. Aasufou-Aoloau;

4. Mapusaga Fou-Tafeta;

5. Pavaiai;

6. Faleniu;

7. Mesepa;

8. Community College-Malaeimi;

9. Ottoville-sludge dumping area;

10. Airport Road-public works construction;

11. Tafuna Housing-correction facility;

12. Fagaalu;

13. Mt. Alava;

14. Satala-Atuu;

15. Onesosopo Public Dump.