24.0713 Permits required.

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(a) Owners and operators of underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks installed prior to the effective date of these regulations shall submit an application for a permit from the commission within 30 days of the effective date.

(b) Prior to construction, installation, modification or repair or any underground or above ground tank, owners and operators shall apply for and obtain a permit from the commission.

(c) Applications for permits shall at minimum include the size of the tank, tank material, description of the leak detection systems, material to be stored, installed procedures, operating procedures and nearby utilities.

(d) The permittee shall notify the implementing agency of any change of ownership within 10 days of such change. The new owner and operator must apply for and obtain a permit from the commission prior to use or operation of the tank

(e) Owners and operators of underground storage tanks meeting the requirements of 24.0710 or 24.0711 shall obtain a compliance certificate pursuant to 24.07890. Before the implementing agency issues a new certificate or renewal to operate an underground storage tank, the implementing agency shall inspect the underground storage tank and determine that it complies with provisions of these regulations

(f) Failure to comply with the conditions of any permit issued by the commission shall be violation of this chapter.

History: Rule 3-01, eff 30 Aug 01.