24.0743 Methods of release detection for piping.

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Each method of release detection for piping used to meet the requirements of 24.0741 must be conducted in accordance with the following:

(1) Automatic line leak detectors. Methods which alert the operator to the presence of a leak by restricting or shutting off the flow of regulated substances through piping or triggering an audible or visual alarm may be used only if they detect leaks of 3 gallons per hour at 10pounds per square inch line pressure within 1 hour. An annual tests of the operation of the leak detector must be conducted in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements.

(2) Line tightness testing. A periodic test of piping may be conducted only if it can be detect a 0.1 gallon per hour leak rate at one and one-half times the operating pressure.

(3) Applicable tank methods. Any methods in 24.0742 (5) through (8) may be used if they are designed to detect a release form of any portion of the underground piping that routinely contains regulated substances.

History: Rule 3-01, eff 30 Aug 01.