24.1101 Definitions.

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(a) “Department” means the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (A.S.C.A. §24.0302(1)).

(b) “Director” means the director DMWR (A.S.C.A., §24.0302(2)).

(c) “Wildlife” means all mammals, birds reptiles and amphibians that exist in a wild state and shall not be taken except as authorized by rule of the director (A.S.C.A., §24.0302(6)).

(d) “Hunting” means to take or attempt to take any wildlife species using guns, shotguns, bow and arrow, slingshot or spear. It also means to possess in a readily usable form any of these devices without a valid reason in any area where wildlife could be taken.

(e) “Native Bat” means any of the bat species found in the territory of American Samoa including: Emballonura semicaudata, the sheath tailed bat, Pteropus tonganus, the white necked or tongan bat, and Pteropus samoensis, the samoan bat. The term includes bats in all stages of development and all body parts.

(f) “Take” means to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect or to attempt to engage in any such conduct.

(g) “Trapping” means to take or attempt to take any wildlife species using passive devices such as spring traps, snares, deadfalls, mist nets, and pitfall traps. It does not include traps specifically designed or sold for the capture of rats and mice.

(h) “Wild bird” means any bird species of the class Aves found in the territory of American Samoa.

History:Rule 5-95, eff. 25 July 95; Rule 3-12, eff. 1 Nov 12.

Amendments: 2012, changed chapter number from 08 to 11.