25.0138 Handling of meat and meat products.

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(a) Meat and meat products for sale or on display shall be properly covered to protect them effectively from contamination by flies, other insects, dust, vermin, dirt, or from other sources of contamination.

(b) No customers, or other persons not directly employed in the market, shall be permitted to handle fresh meats and meat products intended for sale to the public. Display cases shall be arranged to prevent such handling, except when adequately packaged, wrapped, or similarly protected on display for customer services.

(c) No fresh horse meat or fresh meat products, inspected or otherwise, shall be kept, sold, or exposed for sale for human consumption in any building where meat and meat food products are sold or offered for sale.

(d) No meat product, except cured meats, shall be kept exposed outside of refrigerators or refrigerated display cases except in such quantities as are needed for immediate transfer or sale and shall be arranged in such display cases or refrigerators in an orderly, sanitary manner. Smoked or salted meat or meat products may be kept outside of refrigerators, provided they are in a clean box and raised well above the floor level, at least 8 inches. No meat shall be stored directly upon the floor. No animals shall be permitted in meat markets.

(e) No meat or meat product shall be transported to or received into a meat market unless the meat, whether in entire carcasses, halves, quarters or cuts, has been thoroughly covered or wrapped in clean cloth, or unless the meat product has been packed in paper cartons, cellophane, or clean wrapping paper, so as to protect it completely during delivery from dust, dirt, flies, insects, rain, and other sources of contamination.

(f) No meat or meat product shall be received into a meat market unless transported thereto in enclosed, refrigerated vehicles.

(g) No meat or meat product shall be wrapped in newspapers or previously used wrapping paper.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 4, eff 13 Aug 64, § 9.