25.0404 Certified Operators.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 25.0404]

(1) A certified operator is a water treatment or water distribution operator who is currently certified in one of the 50 States in the United States of America or is certified by an independent operator certification program recognized and accepted by AS-EPA to operate a water treatment or water distribution system. This term also implies that the operator must not exceed the authority of the certification as defined in the State where the certification was obtained.

(2) A water supplier of a public water system shall employ a certified operator who is certified to the appropriate level to operate each water treatment plant in the system and the distribution system. The same certified operator may be in direct responsible charge of one or more water treatment plants and the distribution system provided the operator holds an operator certificate of the appropriate type and level for each facility. Separate operator certificates are required to operate a water treatment plant and a distribution system.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.