25.0408 Sanitary Surveys.

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(1) Each public water system shall undergo a sanitary survey at least every two years. A sanitary survey shall be conducted on a scheduled basis, when AS-EPA determines that a public water system is not in compliance with this Chapter or when AS-EPA determines that a public water system poses a threat to public health because of defective design, lack of treatment, inadequacy of the source, poor maintenance, inadequate records, ineffective operation, or that the water is unsatisfactory for use. A public water system shall make necessary alterations or additions in the design or construction of equipment and such changes in the operation of the public water system as necessary to comply with requirements of this Chapter and within the time limits set by AS-EPA.

(2) A sanitary survey of a public water system shall be made by a representative of AS-EPA, USEPA or a registered professional engineer or registered sanitarian who is registered in the United States and accepted by AS-EPA.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.