25.0410 Bottling of Water for Sale.

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(1) All water that is bottled in American Samoa for retail purposes must use an AS-EPA approved Public Water System as the source for the water being bottled.

(2) Bottled water processing operations shall include the application of an AS-EPA approved, residual producing disinfectant such as ozone (O3), chlorine (Cl), etc. to the product water flowstream.

(a) Residual Disinfectant Concentrations (RDCs) shall be detectable at fill taps during all bottling operations.

(b) RDCs at the bottle filling station shall also be detectable during AS-EPA sampling efforts.

(3) Ultra-violet (UV) irradiation of product water may be utilized upstream of the chemical disinfection process.

(4) If UV is not utilized, RDCs shall be determined with an AS-EPA approved test method/instrument.

(a) At the start of each water production day RDCs must be recorded.

(b) A copy of the daily RDC values must be provided for review to AS-EPA on a monthly basis.

(c) RDCs may be recorded and submitted on AS-EPA Form RDC as provided by the AS-EPA Water Program.

(d) Records of oxidant residual values must be kept on file for two years from the end of the recording month.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.