Letuli; Faleafine v.






LETULI, Defendant


[Land: "Lepulele"]


High Court of American Samoa


Civil Jurisdiction, Trial Division


No. 7-1935


April 22, 1940




To the High Court:


            We, the undersigned, Faleafine, Feafeaga and Letuli of Iliili, parties to the High Court case No. 7-1935 involving the ownership of the land Leupulele, hereby request the High Court to withdraw this case from the calendar as it has been amicably settled among ourselves.




                                                                                    /s/ S. Muli


                                                                                    /s/ Taliutafa


                                                                                    /s/ Faleafine


                                                                                    /s/ Feafeaga


                                                                                    /s/ Letuli


Copy to: The Pulenuu of Ili’ili