11.0603 Responsibilities of owners.

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(a) Within thirty days after this law goes into effect, or within thirty days after purchasing or importing into the Territory any coin operated device, the owner of a coin operated device must obtain, from the tax office, a numbered license sticker indicating that the yearly tax has been paid in full for each device which he owns or operates. The license sticker is to be applied to each device in a visible location so that tax office employees making an inspection can readily see if the tax has been paid.

(b) The tax for each year is due by the fifteenth day of January. If the tax on any machine becomes due during any month other than January, the owner or operator shall be liable for a proportional share of the full tax calculated for the months remaining in the year.

(c) Machine owners and operators must maintain records indicating when each machine is purchased or sold, the full name of the seller or buyer, and the address of the seller or buyer.

History: 1988, PL 20-84.