47.0402 Mandatory fine for conviction of a crime of domestic or family violence.

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A person convicted of a crime of domestic or family violence is required to pay to the court a minimum of one hundred fifty dollars($150) to be disbursed as specified below;

(a) The Court may utilize not more than one-third of each payment to offset administrative costs for depositing this payment, for the free filing fee charges for victims alleging domestic violence, and costs of providing legal forms relating to this chapter.

(b) The remainder shall be transferred, quarterly, to the general fund earmarked for deposit in the victims of crime advocacy program/department of health and social services, in an amount equal to two-third of funds collected during the preceding quarter. Moneys deposited in the victims of crime advocacy program shall be distributed as follows:

(1) One-half will be given to creating, developing, and operating a batter?s program, or any other appropriate counseling.

(2) One-half shall support the development of a territorial wide training and education program to increase public awareness of domestic violence and to improve the scope and quality of services provided to the victims of domestic violence.

History: 2004, PL 28-16.