46.1510 Jury commission.

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A Jury Commission of 5 members is established to perform the duties prescribed by this chapter under the supervision and control of the court. The Jury Commission shall be composed of the Clerk of the Court and 4 Jury Commissioners appointed by the Chief Justice prior to 15 January of each year, for a term of 1 year from and after 15 January. The Jury Commissioners must be Nationals of the United States and residents of the Territory. Any Jury Commissioner may be removed by the appointing power for any reason considered sufficient by the appointing power. No more than 3 Commissioners shall be members of the same political district. If a vacancy occurs in the office of a Jury Commissioner at any time, another Commissioner shall be similarly appointed to fill the vacancy. Each Jury Commissioner, except the Clerk of Court appointed to the Commission, shall be allowed for services on the Jury Commission such compensation as may be determined by the judge or judges to be just and reasonable, not to exceed $400 per year, payable out of court expense funds.

History: 1980, PL 16-70 § 1.