46.1518 Certified jury lists.

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Every year the jury commission shall make and, not later than 5 January, file with the clerk of the court 1 or more certified lists of the names and addresses of 50 nationals, or such greater number as the court may order, subject to serve as jurors during the ensuing year from and after 15 January. At the same time the jury commission shall likewise file a separate certified list of the names and addresses of nationals subject to serve as trial jurors during the ensuing year, after 15 January, the number as the jury commission considers necessary. The certified lists of trial jurors shall be compiled from names drawn at random from the qualified jury wheel, and shall be prepared in alphabetical sequence. The names on the certified lists shall be open to public inspection, subject to order of the court.

History: 1980, PL 16-70 § 1.