46.3531 Kidnapping.

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(a) A person commits the crime of kidnapping if he unlawfully removes another without his consent from the place where lie is found or unlawfully confines another without his consent for a substantial period, for the purpose of:

(1) holding that person for ransom or reward or for any other act to be performed or not performed for the return or release of that person;

(2) using the person as a shield or as a hostage;

(3) interfering with the performance of any governmental or political function;

(4) facilitating the commission of any felony or flight thereafter; or

(5) inflicting physical injury on or terrorizing the victim or another.

(b) Kidnapping is a class A felony unless committed under paragraph (a) (4) or (5), in which case it is a class B felony.

History: 1979, PL 16-43 § 2.

Research Guide: MCC 565 110, 15 ASC 622—624.