46.4614 Simulating legal process.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 46.4614]

(a) A person commits the crime of simulating legal process if, with purpose to mislead the recipient and cause him to take action in reliance on it, he delivers or causes to be delivered:

(1) a request for the payment of money on behalf of any creditor that in form and substance simulates any legal process issued by any Court of this Territory or

(2) any purported summons, subpoena, or other legal process knowing that the process was not issued or authorized by any court.

(b) This section does not apply to a subpoena properly issued by a notary public.

(c) Simulating legal process is a class B misdemeanor.

History: 1979, PL 16-43 § 2.

Research Guide: MCC 575.130, 15 ASC 501.