41.0207 Powers and duties of the Attorney General.

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The Attorney General shall be charged with the administrator and enforcement of this title and all other laws relating to the entrance, immigration, registration, and status of aliens, except insofar as this title or such laws relate to the powers, functions, and duties conferred upon the Board. Provided, however, that determination and ruling by the Attorney General with respect to all questions of law shall be controlling. He shall have control, direction, and supervision of all employees and of all the files and records of the immigration division and the Board. He shall establish such regulations, prescribe such forms of bond, reports, entries and other papers, issue such instructions, and perform such other acts as he deems necessary for carrying out his authority under the provisions of this title including prosecuting cases before the Board. He may delegate such duties as he deems necessary to perform or exercise any of the powers, privileges or duties conferred or imposed by this title or regulations issued thereunder upon any other employee of the Attorney General’s office and of the immigration division. He shall have the power and duty to control and guard the boundaries and borders of American Samoa against the illegal entry of aliens and shall, in his discretion, appoint for that purpose such number of employees of the immigration division as to him shall appear necessary and proper in accordance with law.

History: 1984, PL 18-52 § 2, amd 2004, PL 28-17.

Case Notes:

American Samoa's Attorney General has the power to "enforce and administer" the laws pertaining to immigration and the status of aliens, and the statutory procedures are the exclusive method for "determining the deportability of any person." A.S.C.A. §§ 41.0103(a), 41.0614. American Samoa Government v. Falefatu, 17 A.S.R.2d 114 (1990).