42.0447 Additional powers of district court over defendants.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 42.0447]

In addition to the foregoing powers, the district court, when acting as the responding state, has the power to subject the defendant to such terms and conditions as the district court may deem proper to assure compliance with its orders and in particular:

(1) may require the defendant to furnish recognizance in the form of a cash deposit or bond of such character and in such amount as the district court may deem proper to assure payment of any amount required to be paid by the defendant;

(2) may require the defendant to make payments at specified intervals to the clerk of the district court and to report personally to such clerk at such times as may be deemed necessary;

(3) may punish a defendant who violates any order of the district court to the same extent as is provided by law for contempt of the district court in any other suit or proceeding cognizable by the district court.

History: 1965, PL 9-20; and 1979, PL 16-53 § 42.

Amendments: 1979 Substituted references to district court for references to High Court.

IV. Registration of Foreign Support Orders