43.1802 How effected-Service of notice.

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(a) The officer serving a writ of garnishment shall garnish such persons as the plaintiff may direct as supposed to debtors, or as possession property of the principal defendant.

(b) Garnishment shall be effected by serving a written notice on the garnishee forbidding his paying any debt owing the principal defendant, due or to become due, and requiring him to retain possession of all property of the defendant in his hands or under his control, to the end that the same may be dealt with according to law, and unless answers are required to be taken as hereinafter provided, the notice shall cite the garnishee to appear on the second Tuesday following the date of service of notice and answer such interrogatories as may be propounded or he will be liable to pay any judgment which the plaintiff may obtain against the defendant.

(c) Where the property to be garnished is a fund in court, the execution of a writ of garnishment shall be by leaving with the clerk of the court a copy thereof, with notice, specifying the fund.

History: 1962, PL 7-36.