45.0120 Right to counsel.

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(a) At his first appearance before the Court, the child and his parents, guardian, or other legal custodian shall be fully advised by the Court of their constitutional and legal rights, including the right to a jury trial as provided in 45.0123 and the right to be represented by counsel at every stage of the proceedings.

(b) If the child or his parents, guardian, or other legal custodian requests an attorney and is found to be without sufficient financial means, counsel shall be appointed by the Court in proceedings:

(1) under paragraph (a)(l) or (a)(2) of 45.0115;or

(2) under paragraph (a)(3) of 45.0115, when the termination of parental rights is stated as possible remedy in the summons, as provided in 45.0311.

(c) The Court may appoint counsel without a request if it considers representation by counsel necessary to protect the interests of the child or of other parties.

History:1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 19-1-106.