45.0130 Social study and other reports.

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(a) Unless waived by the Court, a juvenile officer or other agency designated by the court shall make a social study and report in writing in all children’s cases, except:

(I) if the allegations of a petition filed under paragraph (a)(l) of 45.0115 are denied, the study may not be made until the Court has entered an order of adjudication as provided in 45.0335; and

(2) the study and investigation in all adoptions is made under 45.0421.

(b) For the purpose of determining proper disposition of a child, written reports and other material relating to the child’s mental, physical, and social history may be received and considered by the Court along with other evidence; but the Court, if so requested by the child, his parent or guardian, or other interested party, shall require that the person who wrote the report or prepared the material appear as a witness and be subject to both direct and cross-examination. In the absence of the request, the Court may order the person who prepared the report or other material to appear if it finds that the interest of the child, his parent or guardian, or other party to the proceedings so requires.

(c) The Court shall inform the child, his parent, or legal guardian, or other interested party of the right of cross-examination concerning any written report or other material as specified by subsection (b).

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1

Research Guide: CRS 19-1-108, 21 ASC 2902.