45.0422 Hearing on petition.

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(a) A hearing on the petition for adoption is held on the date set or the date to which the matter has been regularly continued.

(b) No later than 6 months following the date of the hearing, unless for good cause shown that time is extended by the Court, the Court may enter a decree setting forth its findings and grant to the petitioner a final decree of adoption if it is satisfied as to:

(1) the availability of the child for adoption;

(2) the good moral character, the ability to support and educate the child, and the suitableness of the home of the person adopting the child;

(3) the mental and physical condition of the child as a proper subject for adoption in the home; and

(4) the fact that the best interests of the child will be served by the adoption.

(c) The former name of the child is not to be stated in the final decree of adoption.

(d) If, after the hearing, the Court is not satisfied as to the matters listed under subsection (b), the petition for adoption may either be continued or dismissed in the discretion of the Court.

(e) All hearings with reference to adoption are closed to the public and, in the discretion of the Court, to any child who is the subject to adoption and who is under 12 years of age, but the Court may interview the child whenever it considers it proper.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 194-112, 17 ASC 654.