45.0424 Copies of order of adoption-To whom given.

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(a) If the Court enters an order of adoption, certified copies are given to the adopting parents, the person or agency consenting to the adoption, the Clerk of the High Court, and the Registrar of Vital Statistics.

(b) The Court or the adopting parents or their legal representative may send to the Registrar of Vital Statistics an application for a birth certificate, signed by the adoptive parents. The Registrar of Vital Statistics issues a birth certificate for the child showing the adoptive parents as the natural parents of the child and that the child is legitimate, and the Registrar then cross-references the new records with any old records and causes any old records of birth and parenthood to be placed in a sealed file and held in the records under security, and it is unlawful for the contents of the sealed file to be released without Court order. The new birth certificate is then placed in the permanent records of the Registrar of Vital Statistics and is the official record of birth upon which all future certified copies of other statistics are issued. The date and place of birth may not be altered and the cross-reference of the Registrar of Vital Statistics to the old records are not revealed or incorporated into the issuance of any certified copies of the birth certificate based upon the new original.

(c) If the child was born outside of American Samoa, a copy of the order of adoption and application for birth certificate is sent to the Registrar (or equivalent office) of the State, Territory, or Nation of birth.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 194-114, 17 ASC 656.