45.1006 Contracts and agreements with public and private agencies.

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(a) The Bureau may enter into agreements or contracts with any governmental unit or agency or private facility cooperating or willing to cooperate in a program to implement the purposes of this chapter. The contracts or agreements may provide, among other things, for the type of work to be performed at a camp or other facility, for the rate of payment for the work, and for other matters relating to the care and treatment of children.

(b) Placement of children by the Bureau in any public or private facility not under the jurisdiction of the Bureau shall not terminate the legal custody of the Bureau.

(c) The Department of Public Safety has the right to inspect all facilities used by it and to examine and consult with persons in its legal custody that have been placed there.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 19-8-110.