22.0205 Learner’s permit.

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(a) No person may be permitted to obtain a learner’s permit before reaching the age 18 provided that persons enrolled in driver education may obtain their learner’s permit at age 16.

(b) The applicant for a learner’s permit must provide proof of age and identification such as birth certificate or passport.

(c) The applicant must pass examinations on the traffic rules and traffic signs of American Samoa, and must pass a vision test with a minimum vision acuity level of 20/40 corrected.

(d) The applicant must pay the required fees.

(e) While learning to operate a motor vehicle on the public roads, the learner shall be in pos-session of his learner’s permit and shall be accompanied by a competent, licensed driver in the front seat.

(f) The parent or guardian of all learners under the age of 18 shall:

(1) submit written consent to the Office of Motor Vehicles before issuance of a learner’s permit; and

(2) be financially responsible at all times for the operation of the vehicle by the learner.

(g) Any person, regardless of previous driving experience, who does not qualify for a private driver’s license, shall be licensed to drive in American Samoa as a provisional driver; provided, that no provisional driver’s license shall be issued to any person unless he:

(1) is 18 years of age or more;

(2) has successfully completed examinations designed to test his driving skill and knowledge of the provisions of this title;

(3) has paid all driver’s license fees; and

(4) has otherwise complied with the applicable provisions of this title.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1; 1978, PL 15-108 § 1.